The Steps to Citizenship in Cyprus

Citizenship by investment in Cyprus is typically the most practical route to citizenship.  The Cypriot government has encouraged investment in Cyprus by foreign investors by offering citizenship to investors when they meet certain caveats.

There are several different investment programs that we can provide assistance with to help you obtain citizenship in Cyprus. Our business consultancy can provide you with:
• Real estate investment options
• Investment in government bonds advice
• Investment in existing businesses
• Company formation

Innveso Consulting offers a comprehensive all-inclusive approach to investing in Cyprus for citizenship purposes.  We will help you find real estate, provide you with advice about the government bond investment program, present you with potential businesses to invest in and provide you with complete company formation assistance if that is the route you choose. We are there every step of the way.


The Benefits of Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus

We recommend to our clients Cyprus citizenship because Cyprus offers some unique options that other EU countries do not:
• Fast processing times (sometimes less than 90 days)
• There can be a combination of investments to meet the criteria (we can discuss the options with you)
• The highest rate of approval
• You do not have to reside in Cyprus (just own the property)
• It is not a donation to the government unlike other countries that tie up your money for a specific period of time. You are investing in your personal wealth and property (we will offer you the property with high return)
• You do not need to be present for the process, we can do it all for you as your proxy.
• The investment covers both the investor and the investors family members (spouse, children and other dependents). Parents can be included as well.
• You and your family get the right to live and work in any other country of the EU
• Cypriot citizenship gives you the right for visa-free travel around the EU

The Caveats

You do have to meet the requirements to apply for citizenship in Cyprus. We can help. Here are some of the options for investing in Cyprus:

*every person that wishes to apply for citizenship in Cyprus must have real estate (either commercial or residential) that was purchased for a minimum of 500,000 Euros. It is not necessary to live on the premises and the real estate can be a combination of holdings, but you must always own it.  We can help to find real estate for either your residence or as a rental.
• Real estate investment starting from 2 million EURO (can be sold after 3 years)
• 5 million Euro in financial asset purchases of Cypriot established companies
• Government bond investment of 5 million Euro
• A deposit of three years in length of 5 million Euro
• Other options we can discuss during your consultation

The Steps

Every step in the process of citizenship by investment has to be completed in a timely manner.
1. Free consultation
2. Agree to the terms of the contract
3. Bank accounts, documents and other necessary processing can be completed by our firm
4. Application process commences for citizenship
5. Receive approval and notify you

Innveso Consulting keeps you abreast of every step in the process. We offer complete transparency and disclosure along the way. Our extensive service menu can be completely customized to best help you reach your goals.  One of the best things about applying for citizenship in Cyprus is that you do not have to be a resident. You do not have to live in Cyprus and you do not even have to be present to get your documentation. We can do it all for you while you continue to focus on your core business and family.

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