Want a Residence Permit for Spain? Buy Property!

Spain has made it possible to obtain a residence permit by the purchase of property. This is likely the easiest way to obtain a residence permit. As a non-EU investor you can buy property in Spain and get the residency permit that allows:
• Travel freely in Schengen area
• Take advantage of education opportunities
• Take advantage of the health care system
• The investor and his/her family can work in Spain
• Purchase investment property that can generate income
• Residence permits can be issued to dependent children under 18, adult dependent children, spouse and dependent parents (restrictions apply, our agents can discuss)
• You do not need to make Spain your permanent residence to be a tax resident
• Permanent residence is allowable after 5 years

The interest of foreign investors in property in Spain is increasing rapidly, so it is the right moment to invest in real estate in Spain and become a European resident. The process is relatively simple when you have the right support. You do not even have to be present to buy the property, we can act as your proxy and handle the property transfer for you. Of course there are some caveats to the program that you will have to comply with but we are here to help this process move as smoothly as possible.

The Rules

There are some rules that apply to the process that every investor must follow:
• The property must be an investment of at least EUR 500,000
• Investment can be spread out over a few different properties to equal up to the EU 500,000 threshold
• Other fees are required as well that typically work out to about 10%-15% over investment costs
• You can make the purchase as a legal entity as long as proof is available that you are the majority shareholder in the company

There are some restrictions that apply as well:
• The investor must have no record of illegally entering Spain or overstaying their visa
• Must be 18 years or older to make the investment
• Must never have been refused entry into any of the Schengen Area Countries
• Must have a clean criminal background
• Must be able to provide proof of income to support the family in Spain
• You must spend a certain amount of time in Spain each year (we can discuss this with you)


How it Works

To take part in this “Golden Visa” programme it is strongly suggested that you allow us to assist you with the process. We can help you to:
• Find suitable real estate in Spain
• Gather your documents
• Act on your behalf
• Register your property
• Open up bank accounts
• Even find a good school for your children

Innveso Consulting offers assistance with every step of the process to make the process as stress free and smooth as possible. Our menu of services can easily be customized to meet all of your unique needs. Our flexible services are offered with helping the individual to meet their goals.

When you call for your free no obligation consultation our agent will discuss your options with you and talk to you about your goals. A plan will be structured with your goals as the driving force.  We can help you to get your residence permit for Spain without having to deal with any of the common mishaps.  We can easily navigate the system to help you get what you need.

Your first step in taking advantage of all that Spain has to offer is to contact our consultants that are standing by waiting to take your call! After you agree to the terms we will get started on your case.  When you have our professional expertise on your side you can rest assured that everything is being done to move your case forward.

We offer 100% transparency for our customers during the entire process! Call today for your free consultation and let’s talk about Spain!

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