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Citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda – Let Us Help!

Innveso Consulting can assist with obtaining citizenship for Antigua and Barbuda!  Antiqua and Barbuda has a CIP (citizenship by investment program) this is one of the least costly in the world. This beautiful east Caribbean island offers a wealth of benefits and opportunities to those that are able to obtain citizenship:
• As a member of the Commonwealth citizens are granted certain rights in the UK as well
• Freely travel without meeting bothersome visa requirements to over 140 countries including the UK, EU, Canada and Hong Kong
• No capital gains tax in Antigua and Barbuda
• No inheritance tax
• No tax on worldwide income unless you maintain a residence for more than 180 days
• Tax opportunities for industry like tax holidays
• 5 year passport issued that is renewable
• Family is included under the benefactors investment (spouse and 2 children under 18, ask for information about additional dependents)*subject to current law
• Passports can be picked up in Antigua and Barbuda or at any consular or embassy in any country
• You only have to be physically present in Antigua for a 5 day period in 5 years
• Passports are valid for 5 years

There are plenty of benefits available to those that hold citizenship for Antigua and Barbuda.


You Need Help

While citizenship certainly has its benefits there are some caveats to obtaining citizenship. It is very difficult to file the application on your own. One part of the process requires that “applicant must apply on the prescribed government forms which can only be submitted through an Agent who is the holder of a Citizenship-by-Investment program license granted under the Regulations.” We can help. Our agents are licensed to handle your application.  The entire process from start to finish takes between 6-9 months. While this may seem like a long period of time to wait, we do everything in our power to expedite the process for you.  This particular citizenship is impossible to obtain on your own without some expert support, because all the applications must be submitted through a Licensed Agent.

The process can be simple when you have a well-heeled professional at your side helping you to navigate through the red tape of the government agencies that are involved in the process.  Our services are fast, easy and affordable options that are geared toward helping you meet your citizenship goals.

The Options

There are several different options for citizenship through investment in Antigua.

• Real estate investment with a minimum of $400,000 (all investments are made in USD)
• Donation to a national charity $200,00 investment
• $1.5-million-dollar business investment

Note: The investment will be only done AFTER the approval of application

Additional costs will include: Due Diligence Fee, Agent’s Fee, Government Process Fee etc. (contact us for the total calculation)

Documents that are required:
• Medical certificate (HIV Free certification)
• Criminal background check from home country
• Original birth certificate
• Original marriage certificate
• All documents must have apostille seal

Innveso Consulting offers a wide range of services that include:
• Real estate acquisition support
• Document preparation
• Business consultancy
• Navigate any obstacles

There are some other caveats that you will have to adhere to once the passport is issued that we can discuss with you.  For more information about all of the CIP’s available in Antiqua please contact one of our well informed agents that are standing by ready to assist you!  Call today for your free no obligation consultation so that we can discuss your goals and map out a way to get where you want to be!

We offer a completely transparent process that is built on our expert experience.  The first step in the process is to make the call to one of our agents and agree to the terms, we will start your application immediately!

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