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Company Formation in Slovakia Made Easy!

The benefits of company formation in Slovakia are well documented. Slovakia is conveniently located in central Europe for easy access to the other central European countries.  There are many benefits for consideration when you are considering company formation in Slovakia:

• Great location for exports! Located in the heart of Europe
• Stable economy and considered one of the fastest growing economic in Euro zones
• Highly skilled labor force that is highly adaptable
• Low cost labor force
• Growing reliable infrastructure

Why We Recommend Slovakia to Our Clients

Slovakia offers already established trade options. Since adopting the Euro as their official currency it has made trade even easier since there is no currency exchange to worry about. In addition, we recommend Slovakia to our clients because Slovakia offers:
• Liberal business laws
• Access to Euro and Swiss markets
• Special corporate structuring which allows tax FREE money transfers from business holdings to private holdings
• Shareholders do not have to maintain residence in Slovakia
• Tax advantages through double taxation agreements
• Low investment capital needed
• Special legal benefits for the foreign investor
• Registration can be done by proxy (you do not have to be in Slovakia to register your company we can do it for you)
• Short processing times

Slovakia offers many fiscal advantages that can benefit a foreign investor a great deal and other perks.


A Few Easy Steps

Luckily for foreign investors a company formation can be managed by assigning a trusted agent with limited power of attorney for the sole purpose of conducting the process of incorporating and registering your business in Slovakia. In other words, you do not need to be present to get your company established, we do it for you.

There are several different types of companies that you can form in Slovakia:
• LLC (limited liability company) – S.R.O.
• Joint Stock Company – A.S.
• General partnership – V.O.S.
• Limited partnership – K.S.
• Branch of foreign entity
• Sole proprietorship

Each of the above options require that different criteria is met to satisfy the regulations.  Our agents can help you to determine which option is best to meet your goals. In all cases a bank account will have to be opened in a Slovakian institution and the business will have to be registered within 8 days of the incorporation as a potential employer in Slovakia.

Here are the steps to company formation in Slovakia (simplified):
1. Have your free consultation with our business consultants
2. Agree to the terms of the service contract
3. Pick a company name
4. Provide capital and fees
5. Provide the documents required
6. You’re done!

Capital for small sized companies can be as low as 1 Euro but for companies with capital of less than 25000 Euro there are some restrictions.  We recommend that our clients have a reasonable amount of capital.  We can discuss the best actionable plan with you to help you reach your goals.

The Right Agent

Innveso Consulting offers expert help in company formation in Slovakia that is reliable and that has a proven approach. Our innovative approach will provide the support you need with:
• Company formation process
• Provide you with detailed information about documents that are needed to establish a company to help you avoid delays
• Provide detailed information regarding company formation expenses, so there are no surprises
• Foreign joint venture company establishment
• Company registration assistance
• Documents required for residency permit in Slovakia
• Establishing bank accounts
• Even finding real estate

We offer a turnkey approach that covers everything from business consultancy to opening accounts on your behalf.  We provide support from the minute you contact us for your FREE consultation.  Very few firms offer the same transparent processing that we do. Contact us today so that we can talk to you about how to get started with company formation in Slovakia!

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