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Getting a resident permit in Greece has recently gotten easier, but easier does not mean that the process itself has become more “user” friendly it just means that with the right knowledge you can get a resident permit easier than you ever have. Of course there is still quite a bit of paperwork to file and other restrictions that have to be overcome so it is still not a “do it yourself” process. You still need an expert in your corner that understands the process and the “ins and outs” of dealing with the Greek officials. With the right team of experts on your side you can take advantage of the new laws that have made getting a resident permit something that anyone can do. It is no longer offered only to the very wealthy as it once was.

Greece passed a new law that non-EU residents can apply for a resident permit if they invest in real estate that is valued at least at €250,000.  Eligible parties can make the investment and apply for a resident permit that can be held for up to 5 years.  Of course the next question is why you would choose to purchase real estate in Greece with the hope of securing a resident permit.


There are several reasons why our clients favor this beautiful Mediterranean oasis to apply for their resident permit.
• Easy travel to all the 26 member countries of the Schengen Area. The Schengen agreement allows travel without visas or travel documents to some of the most “important” EU countries. You have the freedom to visit, conduct business, reside, receive medical care, and attend university in any one of these countries without having to make any sort of application.
• Easy access to affordable health care options in all of the Schengen Area. Utilize affordable health care options including low medication and treatment costs with some of the type providers in the world.
• Since the global economic crisis property value has decreased in Greece which means as an investor you can scoop up investment property for very low costs and rent it out. The beauty of the program is that you do not have to occupy the property that you purchase you can lease it out and collect a steady stream of income.
• Greece is favored for relocation to the EU because of its beautiful landscape and mild climate. It enjoys around 300 days of sunshine every year. The coastal towns are rich in culture and wonderful welcoming people.
• It is the gateway to the rest of the EU.
• Greece offers fast processing times for resident permits.
• While the property prices are currently low they are climbing and there is plenty of signs indicating that the economy is on the rebound so any property investment is likely to do well and show nice returns.
• Recent changes in the law: now with the investment of 250,00 EUR the total family is included – investor, spouse, children AND parents.

Greece is a historically relevant country that has a lot to offer to families, businesses and individuals that want easy access to the possibilities that the EU has to offer. Many of our clients are enjoying all of the great advantages of having a resident permit for Greece. As one of the safest and most secure countries in the Mediterranean the attraction is clear for both investors and people that want to live with the ability to travel to many of the economically relevant countries in the EU.  A resident permit for Greece can easily open up doors that you never thought were possible.

The Program

There are a few caveats with this program that you should be aware of. You can buy property either on the mainland or one of the islands to be eligible for the resident permit. The resident permit lasts 5 years and can be renewed. After holding a resident permit successfully for 7 years you can apply for permanent citizenship.  The property can be acquired through a legal entity but the applicant has to be the 100% shareholder in the entity.  The property can be either residential or commercial as long as the minimum investment value is met.   We can help you to better understand the rules and how to easily meet the requirements to get your resident permit approved.

We have all the information that you need to make an informed decision about your options.

How Can We Help You

Innveso Consulting offer a turnkey operation to getting your resident permit in Greece. What does that mean? It means we take care of everything for you. We follow the process from beginning to end and we offer full disclosure every step of the way. In other words we offer complete transparency. We are up front and disclose all the details to you as they emerge.

We have the experience that makes this process less daunting. You will never find yourself filling out any of the paperwork that needs to be processed. From beginning to end we are right there with you.  Our business is built on providing much valued services that make the resident permit process much easier to navigate.

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A brief overview of the possibilities is enough to get anyone interested but of course you likely have many questions about the process and getting the assistance that you need. We invite you to contact us to get all of your questions and concerns addressed.

Innveso Consulting offers a free consultation to any interested party. We offer a full menu of services that are geared toward assisting you with the resident permit process and making your transition an easy and pleasant process. You can expect professional services that provide you with all the support you need.

If you have ever considered living or doing business in Greece now is the time to act. There has been no better time historically to apply for a resident permit or to invest in property in Greece than right now! Don’t delay get your free no obligation consultation and get ready to take the next step!

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