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Company Formation in Hong Kong – Great Opportunities for Your Business!

Hong Kong is considered one of the main financial centers in the world. It is a respectable jurisdiction, and every year Hong Kong occupies the first places in the Ease of Doing Business Index.

The company in Hong Kong is convenient to use for trading, services or as a holding company.

Why We Recommend Hong Kong to Our Clients

  • Respectable jurisdiction: Hong Kong is not considered as offshore and is not included in any “black list”
  • Simple and quick registration process: the registration of a company in Hong Kong takes only a few days, a personal visit is not required, there is no requirement regarding the amount of the share capital
  • Shareholder (at least one): can be a physical person or legal entity of any country
  • Director (at least one): an individual – may be a citizen of any country
  • Profits from business activities outside Hong Kong are not taxable.
  • Nominal services are allowed by law.

Taxes and Reports in Hong Kong

Hong Kong applies the territorial principle of taxation. A standard income tax rate in Hong Kong is 16.5%. From 2018, a rate of 8.25% applies for the first 2 million HKD. These taxes are applied only to income derived from trading activities or transactions in Hong Kong. Income derived from activities outside of Hong Kong is not taxable.

Dividends and interests are not taxable in Hong Kong. Also there is no VAT in Hong Kong.

Companies in Hong Kong are required to prepare, file and submit reports and also be audited. Most companies registered in Hong Kong must submit the following reports:

  • Annual Return, which is submitted to the Register and contains relevant information about shareholders, directors and the address of registration of the company, as well as its authorized (share) capital
  • Financial Accounts aresubmitted to the tax authorities with the audit report
  • Audit report
  • Tax return. A company without business activities submit a «dormant report».

Contact our experts!

Innveso Consulting provides full support for the registration and further work of your company in Hong Kong.

We offer:

  1. Company registration;
  2. Application for approval of the name of the company;
  3. Drafting and translation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  4. Payment of state fees;
  5. Providing a legal address in Hong Kong;
  6. Registration of power of attorney;
  7. Official translation and notarization of documentation;
  8. Legalisation (with apostille) of documents;
  9. Full set of nominal service;
  10. Opening a bank account and other banking services;
  11. Accounting and auditing services;
  12. Submission of financial statements to the tax authority;
  13. Interaction with authorities regarding all issues related to documents and requests in accordance with the current legislation;
  14. Provision of a virtual office in Hong Kong (e-mail, telephone line, fax, business address of the company to receive correspondence, mail forwarding services, data storage);
  15. IT services (development of corporate web page, support and promotion).

Upon completion of the registration procedure, we provide full support for your company in Hong Kong.

For your convenience, we always have ready (shelf) companies in Hong Kong available.

We offer a turnkey approach that covers everything from business consultancy to opening accounts on your behalf.  We provide support from the minute you contact us for your FREE consultation.  Very few firms offer the same transparent processing that we do. Contact us today so that we can talk to you about how to get started with company formation in Hong Kong!

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