United Arab Emirates

The Benefits of Company Formation in United Arab Emirates

Businessmen all over the world strive to create and manage their companies in a country that combines stability and security, a strong economy and advantageous taxation, a simple opening of a bank account and a strong banking system. All this can be achieved in the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE is one of the largest financial centers in the world, and according to the latest research it offers one of the best tax systems. The UAE offers a unique combination of tax-free income not only for legal entities that can conduct business inside and outside the country, but also for individuals who have a resident visa of the United Arab Emirates.

If you want to conduct your business in a stable country without high taxes, and also own a company with an account in the same jurisdiction, then the UAE is YOUR country in which you can feel comfortable and secure!

Excellent opportunities of the UAE:

  • Independent banking system with the 2nd largest economic security in the world and offices of banks in various countries of the world
  • Logical presence of a bank account in the country of the company
  • Unlimited transactions by amount and quantity
  • Lack of ‘nominal structures’: there is no collection / storage of information about third parties; no reflection of third-party information in company / bank documents
  • Closed registry and no exchange of information in case of a shareholder’s residency in the UAE
  • 100% independence and ownership in the company
  • The main global direction for finding foreign partners and expanding business.

The advantages of opening a company in the UAE:

  • Tax-free transactions
  • Tax-free repatriation / withdrawal of capital and profits
  • No income tax for business owners and company employees
  • No corporate tax on corporate income for legal entities
  • Simplified financial reporting system
  • Protection of the interests of foreign business owners
  • Obtaining a tax number
  • Ability to obtain a residence permit
  • High level of privacy and personal data protection
  • Perfect jurisdiction for international trading

Fast company formation in Ajman:

Innveso Consulting offers a full range of services in the emirate of Ajman, one of the fastest growing emirates. The main advantages of Ajman:

  • Company registration in 24 hours
  • Required Document – only a passport of a shareholder
  • Share capital of the company – only on paper
  • No audit requirement
  • The best prices in the UAE for Free Zone company
  • To renew the company – only payment without any documents
  • Own port in Ajman
  • There are small warehouses available for starting a business.
  • Good location: in the center of the UAE, 30 minutes’ drive from Dubai
  • The license of Ajman gives the same rights as licenses of free zones of other emirates
  • Fast provision of additional documents at an affordable price
  • The fastest growing free zone in the UAE

Obtaining a Resident Visa in the UAE:

Take advantage of our services and get a resident visa in the UAE in 1 week. What a residency in the UAE will give you:

  • Free entry to the country and right to reside in the UAE
  • Relocation to the UAE for family members
  • Opening a personal account in a UAE bank
  • Getting a driver’s license and insurance in one of the Emirates
  • Tax residency and protection of your business and assets
  • Tax-fee profit and income
  • No personal income tax
  • Confidentiality of information about accounts and companies
  • Information related to CRS remains in the UAE
  • No need to report on income and savings
  • The ability to be a tax resident of the country without living in it
  • Simplified and fast procedure for tax status verification

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The role of the UAE in international business is constantly growing. It is a multicultural and globalized country. It is a new international, innovative business center offering huge business opportunities. With the right specialist for a company formation in the UAE, you can be sure about the result.

Innveso Consulting has been working internationally for over 10 years. Our clients always get high-quality services designed according to their needs. Contact us, and our reliable experts will discuss with you the opening of the company in the UAE and obtaining a residency in the UAE.

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