The Benefits of Company Formation in Switzerland

Our business consultancy experts can help you with company formation in Switzerland. For many years Switzerland was a place for company formation thanks to their generous tax breaks and their privacy policies that protect the foreign investor.  The rules are still very much beneficial to the foreign investor.  It is not an exclusive process for only the powerful and wealthy as a matter of fact it can be a great stepping stone to building your wealth.

Starting a company in Switzerland has some very clear benefits:
• Very stable economy and government
• Flexible business laws
• Image of a Swiss company
• Asset protection
• Confidentiality
• Reasonable taxes
• Access to the Swiss customers

Switzerland offers very liberal business laws that govern the foreign investor which can be greatly beneficial when it comes to protecting your assets from liability. It is an added layer of protection. The low taxes offer an opportunity to really see some nice returns without the burden of a high tax payout.  It can be a win-win situation for the savvy business minded person. Of course our support gives you the platform you need to really take advantage of all the benefits. We can discuss with you further tax advantages that are available for special activity. Switzerland currently has over 70 tax treaties in place for double taxation.

We Can Help

Another one of the clear benefits to company formation in Switzerland is that you do not need to be present, we can handle the entire process for you in about two weeks from the time that we have all of the documentation that we need put together.


Innveso Consulting can assist you with a full menu of services that include:
• Company formation options review
• Registering your company
• Helping you to decide which is the best canton to choose to register your company, for example Zug is a favorite because it offers a lower tax bracket
• Opening accounts including bank accounts for the business
• Other helpful assistance and services for your Swiss company

Our goal is to put your goals first! Our business consultancy will provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision. You can expect, 100% transparency and expert handling. We have the experience to help you reach your goals in Switzerland.

Swiss company or Swiss branch?

In some cases, we offer our customers to open a Swiss branch of a foreign entity instead of Swiss company. It helps you to avoid some of the obstacles, which are met when opening a company. With a Swiss branch:
• You do not need high capital contribution
• You do not need to open a blocked account in a Swiss bank for the incorporation
• There is no withholding tax, when transferring the funds from branch to the main seat

The Process

Your first step is to speak with a well-informed highly skilled consultant. Our consultant will spend some time getting to know you and asses the best way for you to meet your goals, once you have agreed to the terms we will:
• Help you to gather your documents
• Submit them to the registrar for registration
• Provide you with a step by step update

Company formation in Switzerland is relatively quick when you have all of the documentation that you need in place.  It is a relatively easy process when you have the support that you need on your side providing you with valuable information and advice.

Let us help you with your company formation so you can start earning the benefits of owning a business in Switzerland.  Contact an agent now and get all the information you need about creating a business in Switzerland!

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