Benefits of Company Formation in Estonia

Company formation in Estonia may be the solution if you want to have a European business. Since 2004 Estonia has been a member of the European Union. They offer a golden opportunity to get your foot in the door with European commerce.  We strongly suggest that no one moves forward on their own for very specific reasons:
• Estonia is a budding economy
• Professional assistance with navigating the new tax laws is imperative

Estonia is an “up and coming” small Baltic state which means that the opportunity is there but it is imperative that you have a professional team in your corner that can help to protect your interests and ensure that all the right steps are being taken on your behalf.

Innovation Matters

In any situation where the regulations are fluid because they are relatively new, it is important that you use a team of professionals that offer an innovative approach to company formation in Estonia.  Our business consultancy will take a look at your goals and provide you with trustworthy advice.  The two most popular approaches to company formation in Estonia are:
• Public limited liability company
• Private limited liability company

Innveso Consulting provides complete comprehensive support for both models.  Our international network of knowledgeable staff members understands the laws and regulations in Estonia so that you do not have to worry about any of the details. We have you covered.  Other business models include:
• General partner
• Limited partner
• Sole proprietor

We also provide support for these models as well. As a premier business consulting firm we offer reliable advice and direction when it comes to which model is best for your business goals.


The Benefits

Estonia is very friendly to the foreign investor while there are no incentive programs per se for the foreign investor, the benefits are more than enough reason to consider this Baltic state for your business ventures.

Some of the top benefits that are drawing foreign investors to Estonia include:
• Liberal regulations for businesses
• Very liberal foreign trade agreements (one of the most liberal in the world)
• No tariff barriers
• No limit on foreign capital investments
• Companies can be fully owned by foreigners
• Accumulated-earnings tax of 0%
• European VAT number
• E-residence
• Business can be controlled from a distance

One of the biggest draws to Estonia is that there are very liberal corporate laws that can be very beneficial.  The foreign trade agreements are one of the most liberal on the globe which can help you to position your business in a nice spot for the future.   Estonia offers plenty of financial benefits when compared to other countries like the no limit on foreign capital investment. Repatriating is easy with both capital and earnings in Estonia.

Overall this is a good environment for any foreign investor as long as you have the right assistance with the company formation.

We Are Here to Help You!

We make company formation in Estonia a simple option. Our business consultancy department will help you to get your business registered and help you to make informed decisions. You can expect a completely transparent process that offers full disclosure every step of the way.  Our goal is to help you reach your goals!

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