Residence Permit in Canada- You Need Professional Help

Canada has a very positive outlook when it comes to foreign investors and immigration BUT and it is a big BUT it is not something you can undertake on your own. In recent years Canadian Immigration laws have really tightened up a bit.  Getting some professional help on board can easily make the transition to a residence permit holder in Canada a lot easier.

There is a reason that people flock to Canada. It is voted as one of the best places to live by the UN. Canada offers:
• Stable economy
• Great investment opportunities thanks to the NAFTA trade agreements that allow free trade with the US and Mexico
• Free health care
• Strong social programs
• Dual citizenship capabilities
• Great education system
• National pension plan

How Can You Get a Residence Permit for Canada?

Canada offers several investment options for entrepreneurs that wish to obtain residence permits:
• Quebec Investor program
• Quebec Entrepreneur program
• Provincial Entrepreneur programs
• Federal and Quebec Self-Employed programs
• Federal Start-Up Visa program
• Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program
• Other programs

With the right direction you will be able to find a program that perfectly meets your goals.  We work in conjunction with a licensed attorney in Canada that can help to establish your investment and get your residence visas.  Our services can help you to decide which program is the best path to your residence permit in Canada.


The Caveats

Each program has its own set of rules which is why it is so important to speak with our consultancy to determine which program is going to be best for you and your unique needs.  Canada offers many different opportunities but they also have established some strict guidelines as well for example:
• Any criminal conviction can prohibit you from participating in the programs
• There is a limit on the number of companies that are allowed to be set up by foreign investors, for example the Quebec Investor Program only allows for 1900 foreign investors to be accepted from May of 2016 to February 2017. The “cap” for the Quebec Entrepreneur Program is usually reached earlier than others because it requires a relatively low investment (CAD 100,000).
• You need to have a good English or French language level
• Other caveats exist

Understanding which program is best suited for you requires a consultation with a company that has the experience in Canadian immigration and that also has the connections to Canadian lawyers that are experts in this area.  Some countries do not require the help of an attorney but to be successful with your application in Canada you will need the help of a legal expert.

We offer a full range of customizable services including a network or attorneys in Canada that can help to expedite your paperwork and ensure a successful submission.

If You Are Considering Canada

If you are interested in finding out more about Canadian residence permits and how you can get your application through successfully you will need to call one of our agents today! The right support makes all the difference when you want to get to Canada. Our agents are happy to answer all of your questions and share the different options for obtaining a residence permit.  We offer a free consultation where you can discuss your goals and we can come up with a strategic plan based on your unique needs.

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