Expert Help in Obtaining Citizenship in Grenada

The citizenship by investment program in Grenada is relatively new, just being launched in 2013. This is a really great time to take advantage of this program before the word gets out. Grenada is offering citizenship to foreign investors that can open up a world of opportunities and advantages:

• Visa-free travel to 137 countries, including the UK, EU, Commonwealth Countries, China
• Very fast processing times
• E2 Visa treaty with the United States- you can hold a business in the US, work and reside there as a citizen of Grenada
• Direct flights to major cities around the globe
• Stable investment environment
• Inclusion or spouse and children under 18
• Inclusion of elderly parents over 65
• No residency requirements
• Right to reside in any of the CARICOM states
• No capital gains tax
• No foreign wealth tax
• No inheritance tax
• Tax relief benefits, expert allowance
• Duty free trading through the CARICOM states
• Great holiday destination

Innveso Consulting can help you reach your goals by processing your documents and helping you to make informed decisions about your path to citizenship in Grenada.  Are you ready to take advantage of all the benefits that Grenada has to offer?


The Main Paths

There are two main paths to CBI in Grenada. After speaking with a consultant we can best advise you as to which path is best to meet your goals.  You can opt to:

• Make a donation to the National Transformation Fund of a minimum of $200,000 (all funds are in USD) this is a non-refundable donation.
• Invest in pre-approved real estate project for at least $350,000 (USD) which you can sell after 4 years, in this case there is an extra fee for every dependent but there is the potential to see a return on your investment.

Note: The investment will be only done AFTER the approval of application.

Additional costs will include: Due Diligence Fee, Agent’s Fee, Government Process Fee etc. (contact us for the total calculation)

There are benefits to each of the paths above with caveats as well. Discussing your best options with a consultant can help you to make an informed decision about which path you should take to obtain citizenship. Our consultants can discuss the other fees and projected costs with you so that you have a complete picture of how much the process will cost you overall.

The Process

As mentioned in the bullets above this is one of the fastest citizenship by investment programs in the world as long as you are:
• Not barred from visa application in any of the visa treaty countries
• Wanted by the authorities
• Are in good health
• Can show that you have the money to invest (from legal sources)

Your application can be processed and approved in a little as 3-4 months.  We are here to provide you with the services that will make the process quick and easy. All you have to do is call, get your free consultation and agree to the terms to get started. We do the rest! We offer a turnkey approach to obtaining citizenship in Grenada by providing you with all the necessary support that will help you to meet your goals.

Innveso Consulting goes above and beyond the usual to help our clients secure not only their citizenship but to further their goals as well. Whatever it is that you wish to accomplish we can help. Call today for your free no obligation consultation to talk about the possibilities that await you with citizenship documents for Grenada.

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