Easy Steps to Obtaining a Residence Permit in Germany

We can help you to obtain a residence permit in Germany. There are a few different ways to go about getting a residence permit. We offer comprehensive, step by step assistance provided by our expert staff.  Non-EU citizens can apply for a residence permit in a few steps with our assistance.

Germany has a lot to offer.  The economy is well established and robust.  It can be your gateway to Europe and provide a home base for you and your family.

The Advantages of a Residence Permit for Germany

With a resident permit for Germany you will enjoy:
• Freedom to travel and conduct business in all of the Schengen Area countries. There are currently 26 countries that are member countries.
• Take advantage of the possibility of being granted the tax status of a German resident.
• Potential for FREE or low cost university education for the permit holder and dependents.
• Take advantage of the lower EU medical costs.
• Enjoy a simpler visa travel process to countries like Canada and the USA.
• Use EU banks to manage your personal finances.
• The possibility of obtaining a German driver’s license.
• Register property like cars, boats and other movable property.

Once you hold a resident permit you can travel freely in and out of all the 26 Schengen Area countries! Residence permits are available to the foreign investor, spouse and underage family members in your household.  Your dependents can:
• Attend low cost/no cost world class universities
• Receive low cost/no cost medical care
• Enjoy all the benefits of being a EU resident

Innveso Consulting can help you to take advantage of all the possibilities that living in Germany has to offer both you and your family.

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The Processing of a Residence Permit for Germany

Any non EU citizen that wants to live and work in Germany has to apply for a residence permit. There are different paths you can take to obtain a residence permit. We use an innovative approach to filing your documents based on your goals. You have the following options as a foreign investor to get a residence permit:
• Establish a new company
• Acquire shares of an existing German company

After a consultation with a staff member we can help you to determine which option is right for you!  With a small investment of 25000 Euro’s and the establishment of a commercial company you will have established the grounds for a residence permit to be issued.

 We offer 7 easy steps to getting a residence permit:
1. A free consultation! Our initial consultation is FREE of charge. We will discuss your goals and the best way to reach your goals.
2. Establish a contract for the provision of services. Once the contract for services has been concluded we will get to work on your application!
3. Preparation of the documents to register the company. Our expert assistance will ensure that your documents are without error before filing.
4. Adding the company’s registered name to the list of foreign entrepreneurs for the state.
5. The company registration-we take care of this for you.
6. Preparing the documents to obtain a residence permit-we take care of this for you as well.
7. We then submit the residence permit documents on your behalf.

Typically, the processing time is about 3-4 months for a residence permit. The residence permit is issued for a period between one and three years. It is renewable.

Investors and their family members can apply for permanent citizenship after 3 years based on positive entrepreneurial activity with large turnovers of the company.

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