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Residence Permit for the EU

Getting a residence permit for the EU can open up a literal world of opportunities.  Having a residence permit for the EU can allow easy access to all of the 26 member countries of the Schengen Area. You can live, work, invest and take advantage of everything that the EU has to offer. As an investor you and your dependents will be able to:

• Travel freely in the EU countries without any need for further applications and documents
• Take advantage of the world class universities at a low/no cost
• Take advantage of the health care
• Take advantage of the commerce

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Our goal is to serve your goals. No matter what your goal is we are here to help! Some of our clients have chosen to obtain a residence permit for the EU because they:

• Want a residence permit in the EU for free travelling while still residing in their home country
• Want a residence permit in the EU for the sake of their children so that their children can attend school in the EU
• Want to move to one of the EU countries and need a residence permit
• Want to make business in Europe

There are many other reasons why our clients choose the EU. Innveso Consulting can help you to meet all of your goals.  As part of our free consultation we can give you options for meeting your goals no matter what they are. Whether you want to relocate completely or just want to enjoy the benefits and reside in your home country we are here to help!

Investment Is One of the Easiest Paths to Residency

One of the easiest ways to get a residence permit is through investment (although it is not the only path that we offer). As a foreigner investor in the EU you may be entitled to:

• Generous tax breaks
• Special funding opportunities
• Low labor costs compared to your country of origin
• Special foreign investor incentives

As a foreign investor it is important to have the right support to help you get the residence permit for both you and your family.  We offer a turnkey approach to investing in the EU. Our comprehensive services can be tailored fit to meet your needs.

The Process

The process begins with a free consultation.  We will discuss your personal and business goals and the best way to meet those goals.  We will discuss with you the viable options that are best suited to your needs. Once you have agreed to the terms of the contract we can get to work on your case!

Innveso Consulting provides all the services you need from searching for an investment vehicle to finding an existing company for purchase to finding the proper real estate to opening your accounts.  When we say we are turnkey we mean we cover it all.

The processing times differ depending on the country of application but since we have the experience that it takes to move the application process along you can expect quite short processing times.

We can customize our menu to fit your needs! You can take advantage of all or part of our services.  We have clients from all over the globe that we have assisted with getting a residence permit.

What Country Are You Considering?

With our services your choices are unlimited, we offer assistance with residence permits in the EU and other areas of the world. If you have a country in mind and are ready to take the next step call for your free consultation. We offer services on an international level so you are never restricted to one region.  We can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about the best way to get your residence permit in the EU.

Contact us today so one of our experienced agents can discuss your options with you!

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