The Easiest Way to Apply for Citizenship

The easiest way to apply for citizenship just about anywhere in the world is to have a team of professionals to help you. In most countries the process to acquire citizenship is a multi-step process that starts either with a real estate purchase or a donation into a country’s economy.

Why do people need a second passport?

In some cases, full citizenship is really just a formality and not really a necessity. There are a lot of reasons why so many people around the world invest their funds to obtain a second citizenship. Some of the most common reasons are:
1. Your current citizenship does not provide you an opportunity of free travel: the number of countries which you can visit visa-free is very limited; you have difficulties in getting visa with your current nationality; there are other restrictions.
2. The taxes in your country are unreasonably high: with second passport you can enjoy some taxation benefits.
3. Your assets may be at risk.
4. Your personal and your family’s security can be at risk.
5. Your current citizenship does not provide you a freedom to invest globally.
6. Your current country is politically unstable.

If you want to protect yourself and your family, want to enjoy a freedom of travelling, working, investing around the globe, want to give a better future for your children – a second citizenship is a great solution for you!

Where can I get a second passport?

Each country has different regulations when it comes to gaining full citizenship. If you don’t want to spend years in another country in order to obtain a second citizenship, you can choose a fast track – citizenship through investment. At the moment there are just a few countries that offer this option, and Innveso Consulting can provide you a full assistance and a package of services in all of them:
• Cyprus
• Malta
• Kitts and Nevis
• Antigua and Barbuda
• Grenada
• Dominica
• Lucia

Speaking to one of our well informed agents can help you to determine which country will suit you and your family the best. Consultation with an expert will give you more insight into the process and help you to make an informed decision.

Get Help

In all cases the citizenship process will involve several steps that you should absolutely have professional help with. It just makes it easier if you have a team of professionals that are able to help to get your paperwork through. We offer all the services you need to get your second passport.

We offer expert guidance in all matter of residency and citizenship in countries around the globe.

Expert Consultation

Innveso Consulting offers free expert consultation.  We will review your case and provide you with the advice you need to apply for citizenship. We will prepare your documents, submit your documents and follow your case throughout the entire process. Our customers’ confidentiality is an absolute priority for us.

We offer full disclosure of the process to you every step of the way so you always know exactly where you stand in the process. We use innovative methods to get your documents processed as quickly as possible.

Take advantage of our first free consultation today and take one step closer to becoming a citizen and enjoying the benefits!

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