Achieving Citizenship in Malta

There are a number of ways to achieve a Maltese citizenship. The individual investor program is the quickest path to citizenship in Malta. Foreign investors can take advantage of the investment opportunities in Malta to secure citizenship. There are other ways to become a citizen of Malta and to enjoy all the benefits like:
• Travel to more than 166 countries without a visa
• Work and live in any of the Schengen Area countries
• Qualifying investors AND their family members qualify

We can help qualifying investors and their family members throughout the application process to be granted citizenship. We offer a wide range of services that include but are not limited to:
• Processing your paperwork
• Opening bank accounts
• Finding real estate
• Registering vehicles
• Help with settlement in Malta
• Business management expertise
• Business consultancy


The Investment Path

As a foreign investor there are a few caveats to citizenship through investment in Malta.  The investor and family members can live in Malta for the 12 months preceding the investment. The caveats are as follows if you choose the citizenship through investment in Malta you will have to meet all of the following requirements.

• A contribution of 650,000 Euros for the primary investor and an addition sum for each dependent child and your spouse. The contribution is nonrefundable. You can also make contributions for children between the ages of 18 and 26 and for parents over the age of 55 that reside with you.
• A real estate purchase is necessary and it must be valued at a minimum of 350,000 Euros. You can choose to lease a property. If you choose to lease a property, the lease should be at a minimum of 16000 Euros per year.
• Additionally, you have to also invest a minimum of 150,000 Euros in an approved vehicle. The investment must remain invested for 5 years.

You must be in residence in Malta for 12 months to be granted full citizenship.  As a citizen of Malta your descendants that are born after the fact are granted citizenship as well.  There is a cap on the number of citizenships that are granted through investment so if it is something you are considering you want to move quickly.

As part of the process there is a “due diligence factor” but we can take care of the due diligence and assist you with the process every step of the way.

Global Residence Program

Another longer path to citizenship is the “Global Residence Program”. Under this program the foreign investor is not required to make such a large nonrefundable donation they can enjoy:
• Tax savings thanks to double taxation agreements
• No specific amount of time needs to be spent in Malta to maintain permanent residence
• Lower cost real estate investment

This program rarely leads to citizenship but offers many of the perks of citizenship like:
• Travel to all of the Schengen Area countries without any addition documents
• Very low taxes
• Health care at no or low cost

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