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As one of the leading consultancy services for company formation in Latvia you can expect professional services that will help you make the transition to Latvia.

Latvia has a lot to offer. Some of the advantages are:
• Strategic location – between Western Europe, Scandinavia and Russia
• Liberal corporate laws
• Law capital requirements and quick incorporation process
• Well-developed banks
• High educated multi-lingual workforce at reasonable costs
• Access to EU funds

It is centrally located with plenty of economic growth that you can take advantage of. Innveso Consulting can help you! Our client focused firm can help you to get through the paperwork process quickly and easily.  We offer assistance with:

• Foreign joint venture company establishment
• All of company formation stages
• Setting up a limited liability company
• Documentation to establish a company
• Business startup advice
• All other necessary services for your business

Our expert agents will review your goals and help you to decide which company formation will help you to meet those goals. We will disclose up front what costs are associated with process of getting a Latvian residence permit, the cost of setting up a company and all other costs that are involved with the services that we offer.  You can expect that we will provide you with transparent services for all of the company formation stages. Our experience means that we can provide you with business startup advice that will help you to succeed.

Company formation in Latvia is also one of the ways to get a residence permit for Latvia and to have access to the other countries in the Schengen Area.


The Process

Latvia is a very business friendly country. Latvia wants you to become a part of the growing economy so it is one of the easiet countries to start up a business, but that does not mean it is something that you can easily do on your own.

There is still a process involved that requires some innovative approaches to navigate. We have the experience to be able to navigate the document requirements and help you to get your paperwork approved.

Our agents will take the time to get to know you and what your goals are because that is the best way for us to advise you. We will go over your options and then discuss with you generating the proper documentation.  Our network of professionals can help you to get your documents processed and your company up and running without any issues.

The Trust Factor

Once you have your eye on Latvia it is important that you choose a company that can become a trusted partner in your startup venture. Our goal is to forge a business relationship that is based on transparency, accurate information and full disclosure every step of the way.

We have a reputation as being a highly trusted business consultancy firm because we put our clients and their best interests first. We attend to every detail and analyze every option to provide you with solid direction, accurate information and reliable results.

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