We Can Help You to Become a Citizen of Dominica

Dominica – beautiful Caribbean island which offers, at the moment, the cheapest Citizenship-by-investment program in the world (Note: from August 2016 the government of Dominica rises the fees). The benefits of citizenship in Dominica are straightforward! As a citizen of Dominica you stand to gain some very generous benefits like:

• You can freely travel to 136 countries without a visa including the UK, EU, Commonwealth Countries, Hong Kong
• No requirement to reside
• Income earned outside of Dominica is nontaxable, unless you reside full time in Dominica
• No capital gains tax, estate tax or death taxes
• No restrictions on repatriation on investments
• Nicely stable investment environment
• A gateway to the Caribbean
• You and your family become citizens which can be passed downed to descendants, you never have to renew or recertify your citizenship
• No restrictions on dual citizenship

Innveso Consulting can help you to get citizenship in Dominica and take advantage of all of the opportunities that the citizenship presents.  Dominica is an English speaking country that is often confused with the Spanish speaking Dominican Republic which it has no ties too.

Dominica uses Eastern Caribbean Dollar which is tied to the US Dollar. It enjoys a strong economy and relatively no crime.  This is an ideal location to live or to visit it as a citizen.


The Requirements

We follow the rules that are set forth in the Section 101 of the Constitution and Sections 8 and 20 (1) of the Citizenship Act as set forth under Dominica law to help you secure your citizenship.

There are two main paths to obtain a citizenship:

• Non-refundable donation into the country’s economy of a minimum of
— 100,000 USD for a single person
— 175,000 USD for an investor and spouse
— 200,000 USD for an investor, spouse and two children
• Invest in pre-approved real estate project for at least 200,000 USD

Note: The investment will be only done AFTER the approval of application

Our consultants can help you to decide which citizenship by investment program will most closely fit your family.

Additional costs will include: Due Diligence Fee, Agent’s Fee, Government Process Fee etc. (contact us for the total calculation)

This is one of the easiest citizenship programs because the investment requirements are relatively small. It is an easy way to gain citizenship to a beautiful country that has liberal regulations.  We can help you every step of the way. The entire process takes about 3 -4 months from the point of investment. This citizenship is impossible to obtain on your own without some expert support, because all the applications must be submitted through a Licensed Agent.

The Process

You need to do two things to become a citizen:
1. Contact us
2. Have the money to invest

We can make the rest happen. Once you call and speak to an agent and agree to the terms we will get right to work to get your paperwork started. Innveso Consulting can handle everything once you agree to the terms. We offer a complete menu of options that can be customized to meet your goals.

We Are Here To Help

Whether you plan on moving to Dominica or just obtaining your citizenship for use as you see fit we are here to offer our experienced services.  We can help with every aspect of the process and you can utilize our full menu of services to reach your goals.

Our business has been built on a client focused approach and full confidentiality. Contact an agent right now to learn more about the benefits of citizenship on this beautiful island paradise.  Ask us about corporate opportunities in this region as well. Dominica offers excellent investment opportunities as a classical offshore jurisdiction.

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